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      Prout's expression was that of a man who by no means shared this opinion, but he said nothing on that head.Gregg swung round and sat on the couch. He lit a cigarette. He made no effort to conceal his sense of superior self-possession. The doctor took the cigarette that was proffered to him, and leaning forward tried to take a light from his companion. But his hand shook so violently that he could not manage the simple operation. In the end Gregg lit another match and held it with a steady hand.

      Gregg shook his head. "You might try to do such a thing, but you would certainly fail. Besides, I know you are telling the truth. Your manner plainly shows it."

      "Think," Leona whispered, "set your wits to work. Meanwhile I have asked him to come here tonight to dine. Between now and then we shall surely find some way. At present I can only think of drugging and stealing his keys. But with our experience we can surely find better methods than that."But from my personal knowledge and the evidence referred to, I am able to establish the following facts in connection with the events that preceded and followed the destruction of Louvain.

      "Please be good enough to have a look at my papers, and then...."

      "That clenches it," he said. "Now where did they hide themselves?"




      The same, in self-same place, and by itselfFirst.The power is connected to the hammer by means of the least possible mechanism, consisting only of a cylinder, a piston, and slide valve, induction pipe and throttle valve; these few details taking the place of a steam-engine, shafts, belts, cranks, springs, pulleys, gearing, in short, all such details as are required between the hammer-head and the steam-boiler in the case of trip-hammers or crank-hammers.


      Perhaps a creditor beyond all patience and in desperate need of money. Leona Lalage sailed out of the room into the hall, where two seedy-looking men awaited her.


      Eighth.Rapping plates, draw plates, and lifting irons for drawing the patterns out of the moulds; fallow and match boards, with other details that are peculiar to patterns, and have no counterparts, neither in names nor uses, outside the foundry.